Intimidating whites

Posted by / 12-Sep-2020 12:50

This will make people look up to you in ways that you could never understand.

This is why you see so many men and women of power walking about with trophy dates on their arms.

" Eric Holder, the Attorney General, testified before a House subcommittee the other day and was asked about the Justice Department dropping the case against the two New Black Panthers who intimidated voters in Philadelphia two years ago (see video here and partial transcript here).

Being intimidating is not usually on a person’s list of priorities.

It also does not hurt to send a few rounds to some strangers just to show that you can.

Cruelty does not make you look intimidating it just makes people dislike you immensely.

You want to get the point across that you will not tolerate certain things but not that you are going to be a dictator who will not bend.

For these people being intimidating as a result of a situation in which it is called for can be very difficult.

The good news is that there are some self help methods in which a meek person can learn to use intimidation when the need arises.

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If this means spending some big bucks on designer clothing that do it.

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