Intimidating shout spell id Chicagoland milf

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Intimidating shout spell id

How to: Set number of columns for bar 1 (main bar) to 5/juked cols 1 5Set number of columns for bar 2 (prio bar) to 12/juked cols 2 12Put all cooldowns on one line for bar 1(main bar)/juked cols 1 0If you think something else should be added to the how to command examples, post in comments.The image should explain how the different modes work.Could you please add those spells (freezing trap, detterence with 2 charges, and dissengage) ?cause they are really important for pvp thanks again for creating this great addon!!!! I have been away for so long and can't figure out how to set it up like I want. I've disabled every other addon to see if there's a conflict but there isn't.I tried to modify the lua file to add/remove some spells that i dont/need and they are not working properly.For example the freezing trap is not tracked as intended.I was hoping that with the 6.0.2 update it would've been fixed but the probem still persists. If I switch from any character to another the profile just like deletes itself, I can magically move all my bars around (even though they're hidden) and it's extremely annoying. I private messaged you but I literaly can't figure out why spell lock and optical blast won't work with this addon, and for some reason I can't get spell lock to work on interrupt bar as well.I also asked a friend of mine to see if he had the same problem and he did. I have searched all the possible spell id's and still nothing.

Just putting it out here as soon as Robrman is back and he wants to take over i will be deleting my addon and he will continue his.

if you could Real ID me and send me the script that would be great.. Sorry I am probably going to ask a question that comes across as stupid, but you don't know if you don't ask. I m back to the game and i see that some spells are missing.

Like hunter's freezing trap, detterence, and dissengage.

The addon can be found here: Hey great addon! i was wondering if you knew how to add tooltips into the action buttons?

its very important because not all the time do i remember what each spell looks like and it would make it a TON times easier if i could hover over the spell. Don't like the fact I can see other classes interrupt at a time they are not relevant. thanks for creating this addon im using this since cataclysm.

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