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For Rogers the focus of psychology is not behavior (Skinner), the unconscious (Freud), thinking (Wundt) or the human brain but how individuals perceive and interpret events.Rogers is therefore important because he redirected psychology towards the study of the self.Therefore, its contributions are limited to areas such as therapy, abnormality, motivation and personality.A possible reasons for this lack of impact on academic psychology perhaps lies with the fact that humanism deliberately adopts a non-scientific approach to studying humans.

Humanistic psychology expanded its influence throughout the 1970s and the 1980s.The approach is optimistic and focuses on noble human capacity to overcome hardship, pain and despair.Self-actualization concerns psychological growth, fulfillment and satisfaction in life.The outcome of such scientific limitations means that there is a lack of empirical evidence to support the key theories of the approach.However, the flip side to this is that humanism can gain a better insight into an individual's behavior through the use of qualitative methods, such as unstructured interviews.

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Humanism views human beings as fundamentally different from other animals, mainly because humans are conscious beings capable of thought, reason and language.