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Harassed nude

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Of course, all nude resorts are different, just like any culture or person's experience of said culture is different.Sure, the first time you disrobe is a little scary, but it soon feels like the most natural thing there is, which, when you think about it, it is.As you become less and less self-conscious and afraid, you open up to the world, your own body, and the people and nature around you.The only real rules I recall at Hedonism and Desire were to clothe your genitals at the gym and dining areas and to always respect other people's bodies, boundaries, and consent. Seeing respect and freedom held as equal, symbiotic values is worth the price of admission alone. Not only are we socialized to be at war with our own bodies, but we're also sold a barrel of problematic mixed messages.We're encouraged to wear clothes that make us look "sexy" while being told that if we get harassed (or worse), our lack of clothing or overt sexual energy may be to blame.

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As I experienced feelings of safety and liberation at nude resorts, it became clear to me more than ever that there's nothing inherently dangerous about wearing sexy clothes — or even about being totally naked in public.

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