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The flexibility of calibration allows men to return to these communities again and again, despite their self-perceived successes or failures, and to feel considerable loyalty toward the pickup artist they follow. For them, learning pickup goes together with learning “inner game”: confident self-beliefs about one’s biological maleness (“alpha masculinity”), whose enactment in various spheres of day-to-day life is believed to generate material as well as spiritual gains: a future abundance they believe is actualized in presently working at seduction. Between Men: English Literature and Male Homosocial Desire. Make a remark about your environment, and then anchor that to an emotion it makes you feel in vivid detail. I can’t believe what a deep color of velvet red they are, it reminds me of when I was a kid playing hide-and-seek at home behind my mom’s red drapes’.” Jeffrey discusses how to use shared context as a strategy for building emotional commonalities with a woman he feels attracted to.An example of what other pickup artists call “misdirection”, this technique was taken from the routines of trained illusionists and magicians, who use misdirection in the craft of stage magic to distract the mark’s sensory perceptions by focusing their attention on an unimportant object.

In 2005, New York Times reporter Neil Strauss wrote a book called The Game, a work of autobiographical reporting that documents his two years’ experience within the North American subculture of pickup artists.From Ovid to Freud, answering the question “What do women want? Most valued by these modern-day clients is the experience of taking a “bootcamp.” Often at the cost of thousands of dollars, bootcamps consist of a week-long intensive training program in seduction through seminar teaching and “fieldwork”—supervised experience talking to women in coffee shops, bookstores, bars, and nightclubs. As these coaches see it, adepts in seduction should visualize themselves as strategists whose success depends on the dynamism of their lives reframed as desirable lifestyles. I’m a calibrator, and I miss out on a lot of opportunities.Be an escalator: be active, not passive.” A dozen stories high into the Manhattan night sky, a prominent dating coach spoke these words to a group of men assembled in a rented dance studio for a weekly skills-training seminar in seduction.

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They trade techniques—speech practices, body language, and belief systems—to overcome inhibitions: pushing themselves out of their comfort zones, and ultimately aspiring to transform their personal identity from .” In this gathering, the dating coach (we’ll call him Jeffrey) was discussing the finer points of rhetoric that apply when “his guys” talk to women.

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