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Girls that prefer dating feminine boys

There are plenty more to the guys they choose to date.It just so happens tall guys are a specific type that women like.But that also means you shouldn’t determine who you date based on a single feature.If you like short girls, you shouldn’t automatically rule out girls who are above average height.Oh, and piggyback rides, short girls are easier to carry around!Here are a few other reasons why guys like short girls: While it’s easy to assume why a guy is with a certain girl, we should put our assumptions on height aside.So you really can't tell, try to get to know the guy first and see what kind of a guy he is. Make her laugh, treat her right & size won't be a factor!

No matter what we look like on the outside, there are people out there who would appreciate it and feel a physical attraction so strong that they seemingly gravitate towards us.

Hope this helped most guys like girls when they are awkward but some guys are stuck up . On the whole I'd have to say guys prefer girls who are at least comfortable in a social setting. If the guy is awkward too, however, it might work out.

There are girls out there who really don’t care how tall someone is at all.

It's an awesome thing when guys are sensitive, btu it's also cool when they are a little tough.

Girls look for a guy who can "protect them" I guess.

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It even goes the other way sometimes, short girls going for shorter guys!

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