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Contributors will be credited as an instrument owner or photographer upon request.

Below a summary of my research findings regarding Epiphone's serial number (SN) systems and estimated production figures – based on the data analysis of approximately 4500 Epiphone instruments and amplifiers (SN/model pairs, documented in c. Reconstructing model production data – filling SN gaps through interpolation extrapolation 5. Several different SN systems were used depending on instrument type and time period – mostly employing consecutive, ascending numbers following the timeline of production (see detailed analysis in chapter 3 ff.): The earliest electric instruments from 1935 don't bear a SN; SNs starting by 1936 around 25 and ending around 7219. "F traditional" (referring to the charts published by Fisch/Fred). Understanding Epiphone's SN systems – number ranges assigned to model batches Epiphone's main SN systems (A B) appear to follow this pattern: a range of consecutive, ascending SNs are found on instruments of one single model; a subsequent range of SNs appears on instruments of another single model; and so on (see example Fig. My understanding of this pattern is that these model-specific SN ranges correspond to production runs – i.e.Interpolation methods enable us to "fill in" undocumented SN/model pairs within assumed batches – i.e. 3: Interpolation of missing SN/model pairs within an assumed batch/SN range of the same model (example).ranges of SNs exclusively assigned to one model (see example in Fig. Note that in many cases the very first and last SNs of a batch cannot be determined as long as there are SN gaps to the adjacent batch of a different model.Early examples of the newly introduced Kent Spanish model have "special" SNs in the 3000s and 4000s (stamped on headstock), before switching to SN system B by 1950.Documented examples of the new Kent Hawaiian show "special" SNs in the 75 to 171 range (stamped on headstock).

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However all missing numbers between the lowest and highest documented SNs of an assumed model batch can be "interpolated" i.e.

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