Frustrated with dating sites

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Frustrated with dating sites

I know it better to be with yourself then with the wrong person but I just don't know how to continue to thrive when my heart feels so heavy.I guess I am hoping others out there feel the same way, I know there won't be a magic fix but I just don't know what else to do to shake this craving of companionship. I've found that with age, its become a tad more difficult to engage with random people, because theres an assumption that with age, comes experience. From what I can tell after all these years dating, you just have to keep your chin up, stay productive and busy, spend time with friends and family, try new hobbies if possible, and keep meeting new people in the hopes that you will finally meet someone that isn’t perfect, but fits your needs.I try dating apps but even when I feel like I meet someone who I feel we have an honest connection, I find the guy fades out or ghosts me.

Don't feel bad about taking a break either from dating, personally I was about to give up myself since I had so many bad dates with girls but I just started hanging out with her more and things happened to click I guess Absolutely!

Along these lines, if you want dating apps and sites to work for you, then you have to commit to continually signing in to the app or site, sometimes every day, in order to see and be seen by the greatest number of potential dates.

In a word, you have to make the apps and sites a priority if you want them to work in your favor and help you to meet that special person.

But lately, I have been feeling so stuck in the dating world.

I always thought my "person" was out there and I just had to work on myself, build a life I was proud of and it would happen when I least expect it.

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My friends try to set me up with women but I still dont feel good enough for anyone. Maybe you got the wrong expectations for the guys you meet.

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