Dutch dating rules

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Dutch dating rules

When chasing their prey, a common mistake made by Expat women is to dress well.In other words, not wearing jeans or old boots that look as if they’ve been handed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter.Dutch men typically have their hair combed backwards in the style of the Lion King.My advice is to not be surprised that most men have this hairstyle.

It will definitely not match the rest of the outfit.

Find a homeless person that fits your size, and then pay them some money to hand over their jeans which should be in a pretty poor state.

Wear the jeans, along with a pair of second-hand boots purchased from Marktplaats (the Dutch e Bay) and for the rest of the outfit follow the example of Dutch women.

I recently had to go to the Marriott Hotel to collect a colleague who was visiting from the US, Dave Goodman and take him to our office in Amstelveen.

He was supposed to be meeting me in the reception area but wasn’t there.

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Expat women have also been known to visit hairdressers more than twice a year and they are also not strangers to wearing makeup.