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Neo can also attack with light based moves as shooting a blast of light from his hand or by using his light magic with ease and using the holy spell by himself and can remember how to use the Ragnarok spell with ease as well. Neo also remembered the platinum match with Sephiroth which led him to remember Sephiroth in Hollow Bastion.

Also, Neo has strong endurance to the point that when he was fighting Cloud he deflected the buster sword's cutting edge with his kick. He is able to unleash someones latent powers by kissing them on lips.

They all have spiky hair for one, and they have big blue eyes for another, Do I see anything aside from Sora and Leon making sense, So how in the HELL could Leon, Sora, and Roxas come from the same family huh? His Hatred for Cloud grows even more when the first time Cloud reunites with Leon, he acts cold towards him and doesn't even remember anything of the relationship they had ten years ago.

He and Cloud are the only ones able to defeat Sephiroth.

She's the second strongest personality..Tifa's and Yuffie's rival. He's a nineteen year old Leon and he dual wields Keyblades AND has his Gunblade.

She embodies the cute/eccentric part of Leon..when she fights be warned and prepared for this ruthless girl.

How did Cloud get roped into Cross dressing as a girl? Along with the womanly poise and posture and his girly physique I'm surprised he doesn't do this for a living. What are your sentiments on Cloud wearing a cop outfit though he's still uke but what do you think about it? I should've told you that sooner, but it always slipped my mind. Add this on the bottom if you love Pokemon and watch Lueroi's walkthroughs which are funny as hell, and if you worship Pokemon yaoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in KH2 Neo gets a new outfit and soon after two new abilities;drive forms and molecular combustion later molecular immobilization.

I mean CLEARLY Cloud OF ALL PEOPLE is best suited for cross dressing. Also, everyone brace yourself because here is something that will shock you. He's great friends with Cloud since he uses the nickname Clou-Chan. Neo is able without his keyblades because his martial arts skills and incredible flexibility.

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*Listens closely when he's attacked in the game* Oh my god! *Says this in a Leon like voice and attacks him* Oh you want more?