Deal with an intimidating Free webcam adult streams

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Deal with an intimidating

Intimidating people use this behaviour to avoid others getting too close.

It is far easier to avoid what you fear than to invite it in and possibly lose control. When you stop seeing the intimidating person as someone who might bite your head off and start seeing them as someone who probably has issues with intimacy and personal relationships, it becomes easier to put their behaviour into context.

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One of their biggest fears is to be kind and nice and still be rejected.

Being intimidating means that they have chosen to keep others at bay and give off an impression of not caring about what others think.

You do not have to accept them at face value as they would want you to.

Intimidating people are good at keeping others at bay by being frosty and seeming ‘hard’. If you can keep this thought in focus you will never be intimidated again.

This will set your boundary as to how much you are will to lose or to gamble away.Try to appeal that part of them rather than reacting to the bear-with-a-sore-head character that they prefer to project.I have even visualised high powered clients who hide behind their corporate identities in vulnerable, human situations such as – on the loo. Bringing intimidating people back into the realm of where I am rather than seeing them in an unrealistic light -not buying into the image they have created is the key to dealing with intimidating people.They observe that you are not intimidated and thereby lose their power to ‘keep you at bay’. I have worked with intimidating clients and have never allowed them to witness any anxiety on my part.That is what they hope for, that is what they expect.

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