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Their jig is up, control is over & freedom is finally yours. You will not destroy the freedoms my grandfather fought two world wars to defend. Britain is revolted by you and you little gang of masturbatory prefects. I remember when my ex bf worked at the Mirror and called me to say you’d been escorted out. We have all messed up (not as badly as you tbf) doesn’t mean we have to spend the rest of our lives having our right to an opinion torn down because of it.

And I can`t even count how many times women's profiles also disappeared from the site. I have been trying to register on this site many times and I keep getting... I finally got my profile registered and the dumb manager deleted my profile for no reason.

Following on from the exposure of contestant Aaron Withers and his conviction for assault, ITV’s dating show Take Me Out has been the subject of further sordid revelations.

The Sun have gotten word about a wild and rather debauched party; held in celebration of the show’s current series, contestants reportedly ran amok and managed to leave behind a £4.5 million mansion completely trashed.

Organised by one of the dating desperados themselves, party guests reportedly indulged in the type of behaviour that might make even Frankie Cocozza blush.

Narrated through her diary, the story is a fictional account of Laura, a petite self-destructive and remote teenager living a drug fuelled dead-end, latch-key existence in a Southern Californian suburb.

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