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It is a translation of the original Dutch pay-off "Homo?

Boeit geen flikker" by Delight Agency, an advertising agency from Amsterdam.

Protector of the earth, mysterious, strong and prestigious.

Astronomy, the science of the stars and along with it most of astrology’s terms & interpretations have their birthplace in Greece.

This is why, social scientists say, the divorce rate doubled in that time frame. Their trust increases: she trusts he will fulfill his obligations when he assents to sex; he trusts she is making accurate observations of her fertility and is keeping him informed.

So for five years I thought about nothing but sex, except during the hockey playoffs.

This was a challenge to chastity, but the result was a book, (Servant Books). When women took control of fertility with the pill and the IUD in the mid 1960s to the mid-1970s, men said “cool.” Men’s behavior changed, as they no longer felt responsible for their sexual partners.

A rendition of Nut’s official hieroglyphic representation.

It is the depiction of her famous bridge spanning across the skies, connecting the stars with the earth, which she was protecting.

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