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Dating site in moldova md

Unless otherwise indicated, data are not seasonally adjusted. Footnotes: * Except the territory on the left side of the river Nistru and municipality Bender. *** The number of population for 2014-2017 is planned to be recalculated on the basis of the 2014 Population and Housing Census data.Reviewed data are planned to be available in the second quarter of 2019.

The police certificate may be submitted, by agreement, at a later date.

Wealth tax is charged on taxpayer’s wealth in the form of residential real estate, including holiday cottages (except for land plots), if a) the total estimated value is EUR 1.5 million or more and b) the total area is 120 Through the MCBI program, successful candidates can gain Moldovan citizenship within a period of approximately 90 days, provided that the due diligence process can be completed without any hurdles.

The key stages of the application process are outlined in detail below.

The MCBI program regulations further stipulate that a person who has been denied a visa to a country or territory with which Moldova has visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel arrangements and who has not subsequently obtained a visa to that jurisdiction shall not be accepted to the MCBI program.

Moldova has implemented a four-tier due diligence system, which is considered the most thorough in the world.

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Residents of Moldova who do not carry out entrepreneurial activity have to pay tax on income from sources located inside the country, as well as from sources located outside the country.

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