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And I bet that they have already trash talked about you when she told them about you throughout the week.Usually when a woman has fallen for you, she will want to be with you just based on attraction alone.Winning all the time only give her friends an excuse to despise you. It’s the attitude of TRYING TO IMPRESS that will make her friends think less of you.I love to meet new people and the prospect of widening my social circle is a perk that I see when dating someone new.And if this is an event that you are unable to back out of, you should probably brush up on your social skills by giving this program a go. After seeing each other for a few months, your girlfriend has invited you to meet her friends, and you’re apprehensive.If you are older than this it is not standard but I don't see the harm in it.

You think that she has finally accepted you as a boyfriend and wants her friends to get to know you and accept you as her boyfriend. You are indeed being put on your biggest test that only 1 in 100 men will pass.

You may just hit a very sensitive topic that will offend them. Her friends will feel as if you are part of the group.

And she will think twice about setting you up for a ruthless test like this again.

If its highschool, remember you’ll eventually breakup (high probability) and never have to see these people again. To answer your question, we never dated before I told her.

If you’re over 21, I’d wait for a while and build something solid. I want to build a really solid foundation with you before I meet your friends.

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What the question says, we've only been together for a week and she says her friends are interested in seeing me.