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Mauritania is an Islamic Republic, and the people are quite reserved and conservative, but are also incredibly friendly and welcoming.More and more travelers are making their way to Mauritania, and you can now get charter flights from France into Atar.Abragat: This is a porridge that is made from millet flour and watermelon.

It is often overlooked by travelers because of it's challenging infrastructure which makes it difficult to navigate.Related: Looking for a hostel in Marrakesh, Cape Town, Nairobi, or Zanzibar?Ouadane: Ouadane is a town in the Sahara Desert that is also an UNESCO World Heritage Site.Guides are common and relatively easy to find within the country.The climate of the area is heavily influenced by the desert.

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It's popular with travelers because of its historical significance and the area's interesting old town which, although in ruins, is still worth visiting.

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