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He says that his experience dating Malayali girls online has not been compelling.“Compared to girls from other parts of the country, the chances of girls from Kerala, who are actively using the app are slim.Also, is it any different dating a Malayali boy or a girl through an app as compared to those from across the country?We ask a few, who first indulge in virtual dating before switching over to the real world.Those like Manju Varghese*, a communication expert from Kochi, feel that dating apps are not everyone’s cup of tea.

He recalls how after investing his time on online relationships, he realised that there are no common grounds between them and also that many of the users “seem superficial”.

Echoing similar opinion is his colleague, Vikram, who says that Malayali girls are much more reserved in nature.

“Where could one take out the girl they are interested in, is a question that leaves many baffled,” he says.

We knew immediately the same day we met, this is different.

How great to experienced that when two people are destined to be...

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The team of Aisle tells us, “We have created the platform specifically to enable meaningful relationships, and Malayalis, who are looking for casual hook-ups, might be disappointed.” Those looking for serious relationships though can take heart that two of its managing partners Able Joseph and Bivin Benny, both of whom are Malayalis, have found their soulmates through the app.