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Wereko-Brobby says the cocktail has hampered dates."We had a Goldman Sachs banker and a female lawyer who went out and were having a good time.Ninety minutes later, she had to go back to the office. People are almost chained to their desks."What of Tinder?Sure, she was with Smith for five years and loved him very much, but in the end, that kind of life just wasn’t for her. About 21% of Americans have been in a non-monogamous relationship, 50% say “society is just as well off if people have priorities other than marriage and children,” and 12% are only looking for casual hookups.These statistics show there’s a demand to be met, and sex-only apps are striving to meet it.But if you are earning over a certain amount and have a good education background you want to know that by the time you are in a club you are surrounded by similarly passionate and driven people," she says."One of our clients is a female corporate lawyer earning between £100,000 and £150,000.But her money became an issue and intimidated partners."She paid for things and there was a difference in what they considered to be a luxurious date: what she considered as good was the very top end for the partner."She had had enough of mumming her boyfriends like men in creative industries of personal trainers." 'Workers chained to desks'The combination of long working hours and beeping Black Berrys means City workers are often shackled to their desks beyond sociable hours.Wereko-Brobby told IBTimes UK the City's cocaine carnivores are mainly extinct and some of the capital's top earners are now looking to settle down."That whole image of bankers drinking champagne at lunch, taking cocaine, it's such an 80s cliché," she explained."Of course, some people still do it, but I think it is a thing of the past.There is a lack of understanding of how the industry has changed over time.

In the first “Sex and the City” movie, Samantha says this about sex: “I can’t color enough. I would use every crayon in my box.” Samantha was never shy about her desires and never really went the traditional route in terms of relationships.

The dating app has been downloaded more than 10 million times. "The key thing about Social Concierge is that we do the vetting for people.

With Tinder there's none of that and it's a free for all."I find it also breeds a gamefication of dating – people play the Tinder game, score points with matches, even 'complete' other apps when matches run out, but how much do they actually meet up with the people.

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Everyone has a tale of London's debauched high-fliers rampaging in the type of excessive revelry mere mortals either sigh at in disgust or smirk at with subtle admiration.