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Dating darla

The kinky MILF known simply as Darling has a bright smile, strawberry blonde hair, friendly eyes, and a fanatical need to be debased in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

Born and raised in Texas (hence the Southern twang in her voice), she grew up with erotic fantasies of being whipped, slapped, choked, strung up, and fucked in all of her holes by a goddess’ strap-on.

He never graduated high school but dropped out and never even got a G. She didn't get pregnant with Natalie until they had been married almost two years.

But Randy refused to allow her to work, never let them get involved in any social activities, wouldn't even allow Darla to attend church with her parents. Was that really the only kind of life Darla had ever known with Randy?

He would occasionally ask me a question to get me thinking but never made any comments that were judgmental.

They never had to worry about where their next meal was coming from, whether they would have clothes to wear or if the electricity was going to stay on.

Randy Jones had never held a steady job for more than six months at a time without being laid off or fired. I couldn't figure out what the hell Darla ever saw in him to begin with, let alone whatever possessed her to marry him.

He didn't want her to be exposed to anyone or anything that might get her to see through all of his bullshit. Was his sobriety just a ploy to try to get her and the kids to come home? The only kind of love she had ever gotten from him? Sure enough, about ten minutes later Danny showed up at my door.

So what in the hell could it be that would cause Darla to gravitate back to him? None of this made any sense to me and it made even less sense the more beer I got in me. We spent the rest of the day doing what guys have always done when they get dumped - drowning our sorrows.

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