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Margaret Mead, a woman well ahead of her time, threw this notion out in the 1960s; in 2002, journalist and author, Pamela Paul, wrote a book on starter marriages, and; in 2011, Mexico City proposed laws supporting two-year renewable marriage contracts.

The overall forces of biology, social needs and economics will never let some form of long-term partnership fade away, says Bentley University’s Dean of Arts and Sciences Daniel Everett.

This hot topic was explored by Psychology Today’s Susan Pease Gadoua’s in a recent opinion piece, "Millennials are Changing the Rules on Marriage."Marriage offers unquestionable benefits, she wrote, but it’s a stale paradigm.

“Rather than having only a choice to marry the same old way, or to not marry, let’s get a little imaginative and come up with marital that would be better suited to a variety of people, including a short-term trial union for younger couples, a child-rearing marriage for those who’d like to be nothing more than co-parents, or a socially acceptable live apart arrangement.”A recent article in Time Magazine suggests a beta-marriage in which millennials test-drive their nuptials before jumping into what is supposed to be a lifelong commitment.

Among those ages 50 and older, most (55 percent) say society is better off if people make marriage and children a priority, Pew found.

But what if marriage stopped forcing young people to conform to an outdated tradition?

And declines might be even sharper if marriage rates recover slowly, or not at all, from pre-recession levels, according to the report.From Social Security to income taxes, married couples benefit economically.Research about this trend draws panic on the Internet and tense media coverage.And opinions on this issue differ sharply by age — with young adults much more likely than older adults to say society is just as well off if people have priorities other than marriage and children.Fully two-thirds of those ages 18 to 29 (67 percent) express this viewpoint, as do 53 percent of those ages 30 to 49.

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