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It is important to note that this was achieved in an experimental group where 18 of the 20 participants “reported not having had any previous knowledge of the links between thoughts, feelings, and behavior.” Regardless, this indicates that the ABC Model partially works by showing people the connection between their beliefs and their emotions, and by showing people that the events around them do not necessarily dictate their emotions.

You can read more about cognitive distortions here.

For example, treating someone who is grieving, such as someone in bereavement from losing a child, requires a modification.

This is because in the case of grief, “‘logical’ disputation is not useful, but instead, legitimizing and normalizing is used: losing a child is in and by itself not logical” (Malkinson & Brask-Rustad, 2013).

Specifically, REBT is “the original form and one of the main pillars of cognitive-behavioral therapies (CBT)”(David et al., 2018).

REBT along with Aaron Beck’s cognitive therapy (CT) (1976), served as the basis for the development of CBT.

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In other words, REBT is both a precursor to and a form of CBT.