Dating a smart girl

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It’s about making an actual bond where both parties have a conscious informed decision about the other.

To approach your dating life from the mindset of trickery is a sign of low self-esteem, and assumes that you have to rely on a girl who isn’t bright to get laid or find a girlfriend.

Maybe you find yourself lying next to each other on a beach under a starry night, and getting into a long discussion about mythology, the cosmos and whether or not there is life on other planets.

Or maybe you’re at a museum, and you both see a piece of art so beautiful that you have to talk about the reaction it stirs in the two of you.

It is very beneficial not only for your teenager, but for you as well because you will not have to stress yourself thinking about them while they are gone.

We appeal to each other’s minds just as much to each other’s bodies, and the more aware you are of this fact, the more you’ll start to see that a girl with two master’s degrees who speaks three languages, is way more fun to hang out with than one who doesn’t understand the difference between “they’re” and “their.” There’s also something to be said about how attracting a woman should make you feel.

It shouldn’t give you the feeling that you tricked someone into liking you because they aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

There are just as many dumb guys as girls out there, and the theory being discussed goes both ways.

Don’t expect to get a girl interested in you if you can’t hold a conversation with at least some topics that make the two of you think.

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Feel things out, and try to form a bond no matter what from the beginning.

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