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He likes being praised but will never boast or brag about himself to anyone. He is generous with himself and his money as well as being strong and fierce against what is needed to tame down.A Leo man makes a great lover who satisfies both worldly and emotional needs of his lady.His need to completely seduce her is what makes him a sexual idealist.Leo man captivates his Gemini woman and utilizes her highest qualities to their advantage in creating a passionate and lovingly devoted sexual unity that any woman would crave to experience.

He knows of Gemini woman’s need for independence and is not bothered by her outside interests, but when it interferes with what he is willing to give it can destroy him.Together they can chase butterflies under the blue sky or sit on a royal throne adoring each other with love.Everything and anything is possible with the Gemini woman and Leo man’s association.A satisfied Leo man shows extreme passion and affection to his Gemini lover.Her need to be independent when not feeling the need to have his security is not an issue in a connection between Leo man and Gemini woman.

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Her mind is always traveling and she creates many of her own fantasies.

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