Daddys application for dating my daughter

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Daddys application for dating my daughter

She made it through her freshman year with honors, and even found a boyfriend she just adored.I must say, the boyfriend part did make me a little nervous, but I was sure she was mature enough to handle herself.I figured since I had been selfish in moving across country, I really couldn't begrudge her the decision to attend school wherever she wanted.We didn't chat nearly as often when she was at school as she was busily embracing everything her new freedom had to offer.She was still the intelligent kid I remembered, but seemed to grow more confident and attractive day by day.

Thankfully, over the ensuing weeks and months the ice melted and she once again warmed up to me and treated me almost as well as she had prior to the divorce. A., I rented a condo near my office, but two years ago I moved into a nice home near Seal Beach.The move was bittersweet because my wife was awarded custody of Kasey, yet to advance in my career I felt I simply had to take the position. In my head, I tried hard to justify my actions as anything other than selfish.My job required such long hours I really hadn't seen that much of Kasey anyway, so I tried to convince myself it wouldn't be that big an adjustment. Recent events were simply so amazing I just had to get everything down while they were still fresh in my mind. _______________ I am sitting here at the computer in my bedroom, quietly tapping away at my keyboard at almost three thirty in the morning.

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I'm sure you're wondering how it came to pass, so let me backtrack a bit so you'll better understand just how it was I got here.