Current recordset does not support updating ado braylon edwards dating

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Record Count will always be at least 1 if records exist, so there is no need to Move Last if you only want to know if you have records to work with.A Move Next may take you to the end of the recordset (EOF) or a Move Previous to the beginning of the recordset (BOF).

Eschewing the complex data types is a perfectly valid choice if you only deal with databases you created, but if you support end users or write generic utilities to work with any Access tables, you must learn to handle them.

This article highlights ten common traps with DAO recordsets in VBA code.

Most of the traps yield no syntax error; they are bugs lying dormant in your code until particular conditions are met.

Your program then fails, or returns inaccurate results.

The DAO and ADO libraries both have a Recordset object, but with different methods, properties, and options.

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That is, if you try to set Cursor Location to cl Use Server and Cursor Type to ct Dynamic, on an Access database, Delphi will change the Cursor Type to ct Keyset.

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