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The Gilgit-Baltistan region is the gateway to a massive economic cooperation deal, called China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.The project is a combination of building roads, rails, economic free zones and power plants in Pakistan with an estimated billion Chinese investment.

The deputy speaker of the assembly was quoted as saying the women were rounded up during a Chinese anti-terrorism crackdown on the ethnic Uighur Muslin community in Xinjiang.Having gone through reeducation and recovered from the ideological disease doesn’t mean that one is permanently cured. So, after completing the reeducation process in the hospital and returning home …they must remain vigilant, empower themselves with the correct knowledge, strengthen their ideological studies, and actively attend various public activities to bolster their immune system.In 2009, ethnic riots there resulted in hundreds of deaths, and some radical Uighurs have carried out terrorist attacks in recent years.Chinese officials have claimed that in order to suppress the threat of Uighur separatism and extremism, the government needs to crack down not only on those Uighurs who show signs of having been radicalized, but on a significant swath of the population.

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Religiously-motivated violence in Xinjiang has been a cause of concern for Chinese officials.