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Chat wth amercan grl

The report, entitled "General Education in School and College," noted the limited extent of train- ing offered In some secondary schools which forced colleges to require elecentary courses in many fields. '55, standout player on this year's soccer team, has re- ceived honorable mention as inside right on the AU-Amerlcan Inter- collegiate Soccei- Team of 1952. Many claimed that Har- vard is not coed, and therefore "mixed" cheerleading is out of place.

However, it added that frequently many good schools carry their ablest students well into college work. Quinn scored a goal In each of the first six games Williams played to help earn his present honor. Members of the Council ex- pressed fear of ridicule from Bos- ton papers and other 'Ivy" schools.

The six-man group emphasized the need for a close connection between the last two years of secondary school and the first two years of college. I,eading; Roles Taking leading roles in Auden- Ishcrwood's exciting drama ai-c James Colberg '55 as Sir James Ransom: Ted Weems '55 in the part of David Gunn; Gil Holtzman '53 playing Ian Shawcross; Tom Hammond '55 as Michael Ran- som: Bob Zeuner '55 as Mr. Ken- is also the author of "Sing Out Sweet Land," produced in New York, 1945-46.

Treating these tour years as "one continuous process, conceived as a whole," the report proposed an accelerated seven-year program for the "su- perior student." Ford Grants Funds Set up in the Pall of 1951, the •.ommittee was financed by grant from the Ford Foundations Fund for the Advancement of Ed ucation. Blackmer, In- structor of English at Andover, served as chairman of the board of teachers from Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Andover. In a year's research entailing Interviews with 344 graduates of the six institutions and conferen- ces with faculty members of many schools and colleges, the group found three main weaknesses In the school-college relationship. Former Teacher After graduating from North- western University, Kerr taught playwrlting. 10— The Harvard Student Council has decided to uphold tradition In overwhelming- ly squashing attempts to supply Radcliffe College cheerleaders at all Harvard varsity and freshman oasketball games.

Mediterranean Sky A new technique In lighting will be demonstrated here for the first lime. Phi Delts Win Sculpture Contest; Barbary Coast Band, Ski Meet, Octel Concert Highlight Weekend Thursday, Feb. Wallace Jordan '37 described this afternoon the Horatio Alger rise to the theory of probability from a useful gamblers' device in the seventeenth century to its current position of importance in science, industry and Insurance.

A "Mediterranean night" effect, with twinkling stars, \ will be di-splayed by the lighting i crew under the direction of Peter Cook '55. A number of modern costumes, designed es- pecially for the play, have been turned out under the supervision of Tim Beard '53 and these will help to set the mood of the pro- duction. Professor Jordan was speaking on "A Profile of Probability" in the second of this year's series of fac- ulty lectures.

A student must gain a passing grade of at least 70 on this test which may be taken only once. Is the l^ECOKD comniitied to die support ot administration policiesr' Is it committed to reflect the majority opinion of the student body? 18— An elev- enth hour snowfall gave i-ise to a bevy of snow sculptures ranging irom a complacent couple sitting in front of a fireplace to modern- istic design to adom the campus over Winter Carnival weekend, xhis year's contest winner was l-hi Delta Theta which depicted a oobsled and riders rounding a turn.

In i addition to passing the test, a freshman must rank In the top half of his class; a sophomore, in the top two thirds; and a junior or senior in the top three quar- ters. Is it committed w continue the pohcies set by previous editors, or even the policies set by the present editors at a different time? Peter Connolly '53 poses with I ^^^^y F,evening revelers this year's Carnival Queen, Bobby I initiated the weekend by attending itcdmond of Vassar.

Applications are now available at the Student Aid office and must be filled out and m the mall before March 9. These qnestions are many, and pertain to the role of the RECJOHD as a quasi-olticial puhiieation of Williams College. In conclusion Pro- fessor Jordan agreed with La Place that "Probability is at the bottom only common sense reduced to calculus." Vassar Girl Receives Carnival Queen Title Four Audiences Applaud "The Play's The Thing" Wednesday, Feb.The lecture will be sponsored by the woe and the Lecture Committee. Since we recognize the fact that we may contradict ourselves, there is no reason why we should feel obhged to refrain from opposing the \iews of past RECORD staffs. Four finalists will be chosen for the contest; first and second prizes are ten dollars each.The famous explorer will sup- plement his lecture, entitled "The Ascent of the West Face of Mount Mc Kinley", with colored movies of the expedition, Washburn's par- ty was the first ever to scale the Alaskan peak on the dangerous western side. VVith all due respect to John Allan and his board, and desjiite the admiration with which we view their work, we cannot promise that their opinions will become ours along with their jjositions. Linnett Criticizes Fall Comment; Praises Held, Mc Gowan Poetry, Cites Dearth of 'Healthy' Prose bfi Gene Linett '53 The Fall issue of i'oiionent is hot olf the jiresses. Uist week a freshman debating team of John Garfield, Diiane Batista and Ted Craig, all '.56, won a debate with Exeter, taking the posi- tive side of the argument: That Those Who Own The Country Should Govern It.The stage crew, headed by William Schneider '53, hes almost completed construction of the complex background. State Humes, Elizabeth Dill, Vassar Holton, Elaine Nelson, Coim. Schenck, Joan Mc Cane, Bennett Mathews, Sue Petit, New Bedford Fesseden, Jane Gavin, Fram'gham Maish, Barbara Bundens, Hood i Garber, Barbara Hurley, Skid, Potter, Patty Peitrie, Briarcliff p. One squeam- ish Councilman suggested that the whole discussion be kept ofl the record.Reprcsentng a stylized Italian I villa on the Riviera, the set will ' provide Director Dave Bryant with colorful and authentic surround- In Ks for the production. Corinthian columns, and other special fea- tures will heighten the effect. This proposal was defeated by the majority which thought it an imsatlsfactory solution to the problem as well as Impractical.

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