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If you don’t, it will save messages to your hard drive.Whats App will automatically create backups at 2 a.m. If you’re using the app on an Android phone, you can have it save your messages to Google Drive.Navigate to your Whats App backup file, then right-click on it.Click on “make a copy.” A second version of the file will appear.You’ll see a button that says, “back up.” Clicking on it will backup your messages.

Note that every new automatic backup to Google Drive overwrites the last one, so, if you mistakenly delete something, you need to restore your messages before the next backup replaces the one you need.

It also enables you to make phone and video calls, which means you could skip having a phone plan altogether if all your contacts use Whats App.

You can share files up to 100MB with other contacts on Whats App, too, making it a versatile communication app.

You may have heard recently that it will no longer be possible to backup Whats App chats.

While that’s not entirely true, Whats App is making changes to how backups work, so if you want to keep your conversations safe, you’ll need to take a couple of proactive steps.

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Note that Whats App does not use end-to-end encryption to transfer your files from your phone to Google Drive.

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