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There may well be more companies created in an industry to take advantage of opportunity in that industry (creating a cycle of build/sell/consolidate/repeat), but given the patterns in this simple analysis those concerns may not be meaningful.

All investors would be wise to monitor deal activity in this way to avoid being caught in a bubble and overpaying.

A recent rollup is Valeant Pharmaceuticals International that used more than billion to acquire over 100 companies.

Ever tried to figure out what industries are consolidating?

A Rollup (also "Roll-up" or "Roll up") is a process used by investors (commonly private equity firms) where multiple small companies in the same market are acquired and merged.

Combining the two, then, with the ratio of deals to companies annually for each industry, we get a nearly impossible-to-read heat map, sorted by 2017 results to show current consolidation.

Waste Management's acquisition of 133 small-time haulers quickly became the largest waste disposal company in the US.

The characteristics that can make a rollup attractive are: there are many small players in fragmented markets or: where technology can play a role in revitalizing industries with small margins but technology can impact growth and profits.

Currently, Regional Banks are feeling pressure and joining forces, and Contract Drilling is on the rise, likely from the recent fracking boom.

Further dividing the data by country or region may help highlight more specifics by location.

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The darker shades indicate a higher ratio of deals to companies, or more consolidation in the industry.

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