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—emotional aspect of a romantic relationship, including “how to have a more mature relationship” (38%), “how to deal with breakups” (36%) and “how to avoid getting hurt in a relationship” (34%).

So as a society of people looking for love and intimacy, does this mean we’re completely screwed?

If there’s one thing the #Me Too movement has reinforced, it’s that many men—even the seemingly good ones—can be creeps.

This national moment of reckoning is bringing to light something many of us have known for decades: When it comes to sexual encounters, just because a man doesn’t explicitly force you into something or physically assault you, it doesn’t mean you’ll have a fulfilling or even acceptable romantic experience.

Alysa, a 26-year-old who works in digital advertising and is now married, said she dated men in LA’s comedy scene, and frankly, many of those men made her feel like total shit.

From his inquisitive intro message on Tinder to his eagerness to travel to his date’s favorite neighborhood bar, James crafted an approach to dating that took into account what’s missing in today’s casual sex culture: respect.

“It’s engagement, and women—especially I think in their 30s—have had a few too many disengaged boyfriends,” James said about his approach.

I certainly think you can be a nice guy or a nice woman and be a booty call. You have to do it in a respectful and transparent way.”There’s also a list of resources in his study because it’s never too late to learn how to be a moral human being.* * *The study goes on to point out how normalized misogyny and sexual harassment are today on college campuses and among young people in general.

It says no one is teaching us right from wrong, and to fill this “perilous void,” we’re turning to pop culture and porn to fill in the blanks.

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He helped her realize her own self worth.“It was like this comfort—and it definitely made me feel better about myself like, ‘wow maybe I deserve people to be nice to me,’ because at the time I was so lonely and down on myself.

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