C4 carbon 14 carbon dating

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C4 carbon 14 carbon dating

Only about 3 to 4% of earth's plant species can be characterized as CAM plants.Carbon 14 dating A method that uses radioactive carbon to date fossils or other biological materials.Climatic Optimum Also referred to as the Holocene Maximum, the time period between 4,000 and 7,000 years ago when global temperatures reached as high as 2.0C warmer than present.Clones Vegetatively propagated plants that do not differ in their genetic composition. Cloud condensation nuclei Small particles in the atmosphere that provide nuclei about which water vapor may condense to form clouds.This phenomenon frees up elements that are needed by plants and utilized by animals as well.Chlorofluorocarbon Any of a group of compounds composed of chlorine, fluorine and carbon atoms.It is based on the observation that the ratio of C in the air at the time that the carbon was photosynthetically "fixed" by the plant that assimilated it out of the air.Because carbon loses half of its radioactivity in 5,600 years, this decay rate can be used with the present-day ratio and a ratio from a sample of unknown age to date the unknown sample.

These plants may lose up to 50% of their recently-fixed carbon through photorespiration.Carnivores Organisms that eat animals as opposed to plants.Carotenoid One of the primary photosynthetic pigments involved in absorbing sunlight.Climate drift Movement away from reality in terms of temperature, precipitation, receipt of solar radiation, or some other climatic variable, as a model "run" progresses.Climate models Also referred to as General Circulation Models, or GCMs, they are mathematical representations of atmospheric and oceanic properties and processes that attempt to describe earth's climate system.

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