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Bernard Black The comedic misadventures of Roy, Moss and their grifting supervisor Jen, a rag-tag team of IT support workers at a large corporation headed by a hotheaded yuppie. Roland: Look you’re nervous (Skoose enters the pantry and slowly starts looking for an egg checking each one so to try and listen in on the conversation.. Roland: You’re nervous, there’s no need to be you’ve done it a million times before. Sister Den Flixter: Yes um, well this, this um man is just temporary. Sister Den Flixter: Um well he’s actually one of Dr Harveys.. Pippa look's at unconscious man realising he has two broken arms)Dr. They work well as binge-able Netflix series as long as you’re willing to focus a little bit more than usual, but with the fewer number of episodes, just look at how many series you can get through in one sitting!Thankfully, the streaming service has a wide variety to choose from, from crime thrillers to absurd comedy. Stars: Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey, Tamsin Greig, Paul Beech I've got to get a girlfriend, just for the summer, until this wears off. She'll play tennis and wear dresses and have bare feet, and in the autumn, I'll ditch her, because she's my summer girl! Darkly comic series about life on an woman’s geriatric NHS ward. Pippa Moore: Um, Sister I thought this ward was explicitly female? Nurse Kim Wilde: (Talks to unconscious man) And if you die in here very temporary. Pippa Moore: Right we do need to sort this out because you know as well as I do that the problem with mixed wards is the masturbation factor.. Nurse Kim Wilde: Well I think in this, in this particular patient’s case I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.(Dr. She'll have summery friends who know how to be outside.

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One suspect is now dead and another in custody but evidence found at his flat is dismissed by Mrs Reid as not belonging to Hayley.

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