Brent smith dating newsletter

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Brent smith dating newsletter

Something about him didn’t sit right with the woman’s family, though, and they soon discovered Brents was a convicted pedophile. After Aurora police announced the warrant, she was one of five was.

The woman asked her son if Brents had ever molested him. She told Aurora police, who asked Brents to come in for an interview on Nov. To the surprise of the police, he did, and he told an Aurora detective that yes, he did molest the boy. “If we want to get these people to talk to us, we’re not going to get them from a newsroom in Denver,” she told her editor.

Indeed, the stories are true as Lexi is in love with a You Tuber named, Ben Azelart.

October 2018, Lexi uploaded a video on her You Tube channel with her brother, Brent and her boyfriend; Ben titled, “Who Knows Me Better? Ben.” The three of them went on vacation to Japan in 2018.

He called her a few days later, and he said the only reason he did so was that she had spoken with his mother and sister.

Then he asked her a key question, a question that built the foundation for the their future correspondence.

Mostly, she features in her brother’s You Tube channel and recently, the rumors of her being in a relationship broke the internet.“To me, he was just another subject, to be afforded the same considerations as everybody else,” Herdy says in a coffee shop in Louisville.“I treated him the same that I did every other interview.” By the time she started working on the Brents story, Herdy had already established herself as a top crime reporter.Brents opened up to Herdy completely, allowing her to pick his brain and sending her letter after revealing letter, detailing his attacks as well as a childhood filled with being sexually abused.His letters, many of which Herdy prints in full in the book, are meticulously detailed and make for tough reads.

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