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Gomez-Lopez, “Vaginal progesterone, but not 17alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate, has antiinflammatory effects at the murine maternal-fetal interface,” Am.

Thoma, “Infant mortality statistics from the 2013 period linked birth/infant death data set,” Natl Vital Stat Rep.

Herein, we present a novel imaging method that combines ultrasound (US) and photoacoustic (PA) techniques to evaluate cervical remodeling by assessing the relative collagen and water content of this organ.

The method was tested in vitro in extracted collagen phantoms and ex vivo in murine cervical tissues that were collected in mid-pregnancy and at term.

Cervical remodeling involves dramatic changes in extracellular matrix composition and, in particular, of collagen and water content during cervical ripening (a term that describes the anatomical, biochemical, and physiologic changes in preparation for labor).

Untimely cervical ripening in early gestation predisposes to preterm labor and delivery, the leading cause of infant death worldwide.

Rus, “Transient Elastography to Assess the Cervical Ripening during Pregnancy: A Preliminary Study,” Ultraschall Med 38(04), 395–402 (2017).

Romero, “A soft cervix, categorized by shear-wave elastography, in women with short or with normal cervical length at 18–24 weeks is associated with a higher prevalence of spontaneous preterm delivery,” J. Inadequate ripening of the cervix is associated with failure of induction or prolonged labor. The current approach to evaluate the state of the cervix relies on digital examination and sonographic examination. Couples are strongly discouraged for the simple fact that couples have someone to do stuff with! The uterine cervix plays a central role in the maintenance of pregnancy and in the process of parturition.

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These findings suggest that PA imaging is a powerful method to assess the biochemical composition of the cervix and open avenues to non-invasively investigate the composition of this organ, which is essential for reproductive success. Matcher Polarimetric imaging of uterine cervix: a case study Angelo Pierangelo, André Nazac, Abdelali Benali, Pierre Validire, Henri Cohen, Tatiana Novikova, Bicher Haj Ibrahim, Sandeep Manhas, Clément Fallet, Maria-Rosaria Antonelli, and Antonello-De Martino Non-invasive terahertz imaging of tissue water content for flap viability assessment Neha Bajwa, Joshua Au, Reza Jarrahy, Shijun Sung, Michael C.

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