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Go to e Bay Top Products page and click on your product category to find bestselling and trending products Jet is a relatively new e Commerce site that went live in 2015 but quickly gained momentum because of its surprisingly low prices and a product range that’s easily comparable to Amazon.However, since their USP is a real-time pricing algorithm which ensures that consumers get the cheapest prices on every product, it’s not the most attractive platform for affiliates.Advertisers prefer affiliate networks because they manage everything from recruitment to payouts on their behalf, while marketers prefer them because of their reliability, range of products and ease of use.There are hundreds of affiliate networks on the internet but not all of them are equal.Its conversion rate is almost good as Amazon, so your job really is just to promote e Bay products that are most relevant to your audience.You can choose from a huge list of product categories.As an additional incentive, new affiliates get double commissions for the first 3 months.

But what makes Amazon truly amazing is its ability to engage its visitors and convert them into repeat buyers.

People trust Amazon which is why studies suggest that Amazon’s average conversion rate for its Prime members is a whopping 74% (there are more than 90 million Prime members).

For visitors outside Prime, the conversion rate is around 14% which is still good.

Now you do your maths, but that sounds pretty good to me especially if I can scale my traffic numbers.

Head over to Amazon Best Sellers and choose your niche or product category from the Department menu on the left of your screen.

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Some are known for the quality of their merchants and higher commissions while others are infamous for spam and poor support.