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Automatic software threat updating

Patching makes possible the modification of compiled and machine language object programs when the source code is unavailable.This demands a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the object code by the person creating the patch, which is difficult without close study of the source code.Small in-memory machine code patches can be manually applied with the system debug utility, such as CP/M's DDT or MS-DOS's DEBUG debuggers.Programmers working in interpreted BASIC often used the POKE command to alter the functionality of a system service routine or the interpreter itself.Patches can also circulate in the form of source code modifications.In this case, the patches usually consist of textual differences between two source code files, called "diffs".

These data files are read by a patch utility program which performs the installation.

Service packs for Microsoft Windows NT and its successors and for many commercial software products adopt such automated strategies.

Some programs can update themselves via the Internet with very little or no intervention on the part of users.

With the widely available Internet access, downloading patches from the developer's web site or through automated software updates became often available to the end-users.

Starting with Apple's Mac OS 9 and Microsoft's Windows ME, PC operating systems gained the ability to get automatic software updates via the Internet.

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