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It was suggested that because they have kept themselves socially isolated for nearly two-thousand years, and have refrained from intermarriage with other races, the Jews offer a promising field for the solution of many obscure problems in the study of man. On each side of the river a pair of strong beams are built into pillars of stonework, so that the weight upon the immured extremities counterbalances the free ends independently of the supports by which the latter are upheld.Considering that they have been scattered over almost every part of the habitable globe ; by involuntary and mostly forced migrations from dty to dty, country to country and from con- tinent to continent, have been subjected to frequent changes in their physical environment, it was expected that a thorough study of their racial characteristics might contribute to our meager knowledge of the influence of environment on race. Thus solidly fixed, the two pairs are opposite each other with a more or less wide space between their extremities.If the Jews have really maintained themselves for the last four thou- sand years in absolute purity, the effects of climate, altitude, nourishment, and economic and social conditions should be as- certainable by a study of their physical organization. To span this, the ends of both pairs are first connected by means of transverse ties, in- serted between beams and props, the whole being solidly lashed together with vines.If, on the other hand, they have intermarried with the races among which 1 The difficulties encountered while attempting to reach people willing to submit to anthropometric measurements are well known to every one who studied physical anthropology on the living. On these ties two more beams of sufficient length are laid, which serve to complete the span.A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. These latter are merely small huts, the walls of which are more or less elaborate according to the altitude, being made tighter near the upper limit of culture.Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. They represent the primitive type of Digitized by Google Digitized by Google g I Digitized by Vj OOQ IC PITTIER] NOTES ON PAEZ INDIANS 319 habitation, the agglomerations being the result of the efforts of the missionaries.

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. They are not compact in the common sense of the word, but consist of isolated groups of houses, the approximate common center of which is often indicated by the whitewashed thatch- roofed church (plate v).Albert Bu ELL Lewis 147 Historical Jottings on Amber in Asia. 211 The Numerical Proportions of the Sexes at Birth. Introduction 5 The Racial Purity of the Jews 6 Fhjracal Anthropology of the Jews lo Method of Investigation of the American Jews i8 IL Suture 21 The Influence of Social Conditions on Stature 39 Stature of Women 45 III. The Head 57 Length of the Head 57 Length of the Head of the Women. The second type is a frail-looking bamboo structure, the base of which is an arch free in the air, or suspended somewhat like our suspen- sion bridges (plates vii, 2).John Benja- min Nichols 245 Ethnographic and linguistic Notes on the Paez Indians of Tierra Adentro, Cauca, Colombia. 62 Width of the Head 64 Widtii of the Head of the Women 68 The Cephalic Index 70 The Cephalic Index of the Women 85 The Horizontal Circumference of the Head 92 V. The Nose 99 Height of the Nose 99 Width of the Nose loi The Nasal Index 103 The Shape of the Nose 107 VIL Pigmentation ill VIII. Conclusion 135 Bibliography 141 3) Digitized by Google Digitized by Google MATERIALS FOR THE PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY OF THE EASTERN EUROPEAN JEWS f By MAURICE FISHBERG CHAPTER V Introduction The study of the somatic characteristics of the Jews has re- ceived the attention of many anthropologists in Europe. The third type of bridge is a much more substantial structure, built of heavy timbers apparently with an understanding of the laws of gravity.The present writer is acquainted only with the investigations of Professor Franz Boas of the American half-breeds ^ and Mainoff's work on the intermixture of Russians with Yakouts.* Both of these investigations have conclusively shown that the tape and calipers may be of great service in the search for the origin of certain physical traits. Cultivated and Other Useful Plants The principal food of the Paez Indians is maize, or.If conversions to Judaism and open or clandestine intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews have taken place, it is of scientific interest to ascertain, if possible, the effects of such intermarriage on the physical characteristics of the modern Jews. *85 Charakterystyka fizyczna ludnosci galicyjskiej. Zbior Wiad, do antropol Kraj., Krakow, I, 1877, pp. Indian com, of which they grow several varieties, belonging to three distinct types, namely, a sweet com (Jiulpi), a soft com {kapid), and the common flint com.

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