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The photo later gets mysteriously deleted, sparking a flurry of rumors that Cory and Lea might be secretly dating.It’s every fan’s dream, but we’re still not convinced it’s real.During his schooling life in Melbourne, Australia, he attended Melbourne High School - a selective-entry, all boys' school in South Yarra, Victoria.At his Australian Idol audition, he played a self-composed song called "Nice to Meet You".They’re posing for photos together, and his hand’s even on her waist. But then, at the January 29 Screen Actor’s Guild awards, Lea takes Jonathan as her date, not Cory.This is suspiciously couple-y behavior for two single people, but it’s also possible that Lea and Cory are simply playing up on fan excitement about their character’s recent engagement. Does this mean that Monchele (Monteith Michele) isn’t a real thing, after all? Finn and Rachel officially get engaged in the Michael Jackson tribute.Geyer's interest in music started early in his childhood.He learned to play the guitar, and wrote his first song entitled "Change" which was based on his move from South Africa to Australia.

Everyone heads back to work for Season 4, and Lea even gets Cory a back to work gift.Geyer was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, as the oldest of three children.He has two younger sisters, Jess Geyer (now Jess Burns) and Tatum Geyer (now Tatum Prins), who share his interest in martial arts.Okay, then Lea tweets this adorable and goofy photo of she and Cory playing around with Christmas decorations. Because if they were, they’d be the cutest couple ever. Rachel’s “Without You” hits #1 on i Tunes, much to Lea’s excitement.Soon after, Lea talks about having sex with Cory (you know, when they were acting in “The First Time”)... Lea and Cory don’t appear to have gotten together over the holidays. She’s in NYC, while Cory went home to Canada and then on vacation to Australia. We can’t stop thinking about all the romantic Finn and Rachel moments from over the years. Most fans want Finchel engaged, but quite a few think they’re too young, and should probably wait a bit before getting married. it looks like Rachel said “yes.” co-creator Brad Falchuk tweets a photo of Lea in costume as Rachel and wearing an engagement ring! At the January 15 Golden Globes awards, Lea and Cory walk the red carpet together for the first time.

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  2. Relationship lasted for six years, should’ve called it quits after four or so years. Instead, I let the relationship drag on and things just kept getting worse. It’s been almost 3 weeks since we broke up but I’m so much happier single than I was with him. 9 years of my life with someone who said they loved me, but their actions always spoke differently.