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Considering a free (read: unethical) pornography is so readily available it's almost harder to avoid than find it, a surprising number of people are still paying to call phone sex lines.

And, leading chat line 1-800-PHONE-SEX still receives more than 40,000 calls a day.

"You just have to understand you’re playing a character," she says, "and you can’t take it personally.

You have to separate yourself."Not everybody can do this job.

"Honestly, it's an acting job because you have to build so many characters while you’re on the phone.

Plus, the callers are venting and opening up to you, and you always have to make that connection with them. I just don’t have the degree."Of course we have the regulars, that just want to have their old-fashioned phone sex.

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I hear them masturbating on the phone about eight hours a day and often think I'll never get surprised, that I’ve heard it all," she says.

"But then someone will call in with an unusual fantasy." The regular callers with very specific fantasies are Angelica's 'VIP clients'. You become very creative and almost like a smart ass at times. It’s a game to them."Another regular is a man with a paraphilic infantilism fetish - more commonly known as an 'adult baby'.

She tells me, "There’s this guy who calls in all the time and he plays a game. "He poops and wants you to clean it up," Angelica says.

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"That way, you feel sexy and you’re in the mood to have fun.