Ann coulter keith olbermann dating

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Ann coulter keith olbermann dating

It hurts feelings, engenders anger and mistrust and tends to scare away potential future dates, who fear our private lives may end up in this public forum.While I don’t think I’ve gotten that personal in my posts about the guys I’ve actually dated (as opposed to the guys who have just written stupid things to me from dating sites,) from here on out, I will be confining my dating posts to commentary on people I haven’t actually met…those are funnier anyway.She shows up on news talk-shows whenever Bush needs defending (or spanking, like when he nominated Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court) or when there is a chance to criticize the Democrats for something.While she has plenty to do defending Bush these daze, there are few targets for her wrath on the Left at the moment…mostly because so few of them are powerful enough to be relevant enough to bother attacking (although I certainly hope that changes in November.) In searching for targets of her venom, she has recently published a book that spews much of it at the out-spoken widows of 9/11, who have consistently fought for improving our National Security since the day they lost their husbands to the terrorists who smashed through a chink in that security.Don’t put up someone I’m not allowed to respond to, without questioning the authenticity of their grief.LAUER: Well, but apparently, you are allowed to respond to them. (END COUNTDOWN VIDEO CLIP) COULTER: But that is the point of liberal infallibility…of putting up Cindy Sheehan, of putting out these widows…of putting out Joe Wilson.LAUER: But aren’t they the people in the middle of the story? COULTER: That …oh …not, not the ones talking about. They were using their grief in order to make a political point, while preventing anyone from responding.COULTER: …Because then if we respond, “Oh you’re questioning their authenticity.” No the story is… COULTER: …No, the story is an attack on the nation… LAUER: So, if you lose a husband, you no longer have the right to have a political point of view?

That being said, it’s also one of the more informative, since he spends more time reporting the news and less time pontificating about it…and when he does throw in his two to five cents, I usually agree with him.

She suggests that these women should leave it to the journalists and the politicians, as their status as widows doesn’t make them qualified to speak on such important topics as National Security.

What Coulter fails to acknowledge is that their status as citizens of this nation qualify them…or at least gives them the right and some may argue the responsibility to stand up for their beliefs…just as both Coulter and I have the right to disagree with them or with each other because we’re citizens too.

Oh yeah, and he ends each show by telling the audience how many daze it’s been since the President announced “Mission Accomplished.” KEITH OLBERMANN: Also here, Ann Coulter, the shrill, shill of the right has evidently run her mouth one too many times. There have been complaints from everybody except the predators they caught on “Dateline.” (OTHER NEWS ITEMS) KEITH OLBERMANN: Ann Coulter takes her cold condemnation of 9/11 widows to an unexpected high and low.

(OTHER HEADLINES AND A COMMERCIAL BREAK) OLBERMANN: Honestly, if you were Ann Coulter’s attorneys at a sanity hearing, where could you possibly start? 2 story in the COUNTDOWN, eclipsing even Bill O’Reilly and Malmedy, the Connecticut screech has continued her assault on 9/11 widows.

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Coulter is actually quite bright and articulate, but her political agenda, predictably, has once again led her to crash headlong into a big fat impolitic mess.

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