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He’s More Aware of Chivalry Chivalry isn’t dead – you’re just looking in the wrong places!

Being an older guy means he’s got ‘old-school’ manners. He’ll know how to make you feel special and he’ll know how a gentleman behaves.

He’ll teach you new things and entertain you with his wit and intelligence.

He Knows What Women Want Women are complicated and it can take a lifetime to understand us. The chances are that your more refined partner will have a better idea on how to treat a woman and answer that age old question: “what do women want?

He’ll probably be open to the idea of settling down, but if he’s been married before, he might just want a companion.

Unfortunately this goes with the territory of a guy who has more life experience.

He Doesn’t Play Games Forget the ‘three day rule’, the ‘ghosting’ and the ‘hot and cold treatment’ – the more mature man doesn’t need to play games.

He knows how to get a woman he wants and which buttons to press.

This authoritative existence can be the height of allure.

You’ll Have Stimulating Conversation With Him Fed up of talking about mundane topics that don’t go further than what was on the TV the previous night or what’s for dinner?

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” He’ll understand out mood swings, indecisiveness and our speaking in code.

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