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A small or midsize organization may find it more efficient to centralize benefits management with one individual or department.

Here are some typical manager recommendations for Software Assurance benefit management.

A comprehensive program that includes a unique set of technologies, services, and rights to help deploy, manage, and use Microsoft products efficiently, Software Assurance helps keep your business up to date and ready to respond quickly to change and opportunity.

You make significant investments in IT, and Software Assurance from Microsoft helps you take fullest advantage of the value your investments can bring.

Learn more about Software Assurance benefits and how each can contribute to your business needs.

Get to know which benefits your organization is entitled to through your Volume Licensing agreement, and develop an action plan for activating and using them. Your Software Assurance benefits are determined by your Volume Licensing agreement, such as the Enterprise Agreement, Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA), or Open Value agreement, and the qualifying license purchases you have with Software Assurance.

If you are an MPSA customer, the Business Center is your destination for easy management of your Software Assurance benefits.

Sign in to the Business Center to view and start using your available Software Assurance benefits.

Learn more about the specific benefits available for the products you license.

Software Assurance benefits include new product version rights, deployment planning, technical and end-user training, support, and a unique set of technologies and services.

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The company said a previously announced review of its past option grant practices was still under way.

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