Accommodating resistance

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Accommodating resistance

As you press the weight up, more of the chains come off the floor, gradually increasing the bar total back to the 230 pounds at the top.This idea forces you to drive the bar out into full extension without letting up.The Benefits of Accommodating Resistance Bands and chains train acceleration and rate of force development, which is great for the development of power.

Bands and chains ensure that you drive the bar as hard as you can, generating a high rate of force through the full range of motion (more on this below).NIFS has recently updated the weight room, including seven new half racks.Each rack has lower band pegs, and almost all of the racks have chains on the hooks at the top of the rack.This results when an athlete can absorb more force eccentrically (lowering phase), allowing you to apply higher levels of force concentrically (rising phase) in less time.Sport performance is about which athlete can absorb more force, enabling the athlete to produce more power.

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The Force-Velocity Curve Before going into what the chains and bands do, I first have to set the groundwork and explain what the force-velocity curve is.

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