50 cent dating singer eddie izzard dating

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50 cent dating singer

Rob Sheffield from Rolling Stone gave the song a mixed review: "The I-need-love pop tunes are not getting any better, even with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake in the stripper ditty 'Ayo Technology.'" Pitchfork also gave a mixed review: "The album's only concession to modern pop trends— the Timbaland-produced, Timberlake-hooked "Ayo Technology"—flies off the rails as 50, ripped from his comfort zone, falls behind the gurgling, video-game-blipping beat.

Though he tries to force the track into more familiar territory with a cyborg-stripper theme, Justin nabs the spotlight without even trying." David Jeffries from All Music highlighted and wrote: "At ease is the Timbaland production "Ayo Technology" featuring Justin Timberlake, an obvious single that's "been there, done that" for all parties involved.

Earlier in 2009, Katerine Avgoustakis also made a cover of the song which became her first international single and underwent great success.

It was number one for one week in Poland on the country's Official Airplay Chart, ranked by Nielsen Sound Scan.

He later began pursuing a musical career and in 2000 he produced Power of the Dollar for Columbia Records, but days before the planned release he was shot and the album was never released.

In 2002, after Jackson released the compilation album Guess Who's Back?

In 2008, it was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Song.The biggest challenges for the video are giving off a natural vibe and not seeming contrived at any moment.For you to actually be comfortable when you're actually doing it is a task.Hip Hop DX reported that the song was renamed three times.It was first titled "Ayo Pornography" when it first leaked in May 2007, then "Ayo Technology" in June, and then "She Wants It" by July.

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At some points you've got a room full of people looking at you at one time, just watching you to see what you're going to do.

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