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I was an average kid and she was a stellar student.Fast forward to today and it’s hard to imagine we ever were the people we were back then.Today, I do have a video game company, but it’s not nearly as big as I imagined it to be.I’ve grown to like helping people more than just through entertainment.It turns out, there’s no other quote that resonates with us more than this one: We are today who we are because we’ve spent all this time growing together. My wife and I have been apart many times during our 15 years together. She has a great positive vibe and a contagious smile, and everyone can’t help but be attracted to her. Keeping surprises from each other is hard for us since telling each other everything is a habit. I chose to be honest with her and tell her about it. She appreciated the honesty, and we became stronger for it.

When she wasn’t working, she was helping to take care of her young siblings.

Her aspiration back then was to become a registered nurse.

Today, she’s saving lives around the world with Doctors without Borders, amongst many other things.

We’ve been through so much together and we’ve grown to be so different from who we once were.

My aspiration back then was to own a video game company and make it big.

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She and I are not fundamentally different, even though it might seem that way at first.

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  1. This "mestizaje" depicts the multi-faceted racial and cultural identity that characterize Black Hispanics and highlights that each individual Black Hispanic has a unique experience within a broader racial and ethnic range.