14 19 dating old old police report should yr yr dating a cop jokes

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14 19 dating old old police report should yr yr

You need to seek professional help for your daughter and your nephew.I suspect your nephew is the victim of sexual abuse as children act out what they see and learn. My guess is that something inappropriate did occur and depending on your daughter's age this could haunt her into her adulthood as she matures and figures out what happened in her past. And I would NEVER leave your daughter or any child alone with your nephew again! I feel as if I really need a moment to force air to come out of my lungs, because it does not want to come out on its on. I confronted her and yes there were tears from both sides. Do I stop her from seeing him as much, should I chaperone her always now, what what someone please please help me!!!!And if he won't, then you HAVE to take further action.You'll never forgive yourself if he's being hurt and you might have done something.

I have talked to her about it, and praised her for telling me, and explaining that it is not allowed.You need to be more concerned about her safety then her love for him. If he can touch his cousin, he could do this to anyones little kid.But you need to explain that her private areas are not allowed to be touched by anyone.tell her that if it happens again she should let you know straight away. He will get the help he needs if dad doesn't want to do anything.a 10 year old boy is not too young to have sexual urges. Mom, and ALL moms, from as early as your child can understand you start telling that that no one other that you ( any maybe your husband)... I had a 12 year old student who had been in juvenile detention because he raped his little sister.

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